Frequently Asked Questions about our Jacksonville, Florida weddings venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities Questions About Our Jacksonville, Florida Weddings Venue

  1. How many guests can Winterbourne accommodate for my wedding?  We can have 100 guests inside seated for dining.    We host events with up to 130 guests by using both inside and outside seating.
  2. What is included in the venue rental fee? The rental fee covers your Exclusive Use of our venue beginning 3 hours prior to your ceremony start time, 4 hours of Event Time (including your ceremony) and 1 hour to remove your personal property after your event end. In addition it covers use of our tables, chiavari chairs (inside the venue), cake table, sweetheart table, buffet, front and back porch furniture, antique oak bar (if having a bar) and unlimited waterfront views.
  3. Is the Ceremony time included in the 4 hour event time? Most ceremonies last between 20 to 30 minutes.  Your event time begins at the time your ceremony is scheduled to start.    
  4. What is included in the ceremony fee? Use of the 1 ½ Acer River Front Lawn / Garden, use of the beautifully landscaped ceremony sight for your wedding as well as your photos, and our staffs set up and breakdown of white resin chairs for guest seating.
  5. When are the ceremony chairs set up?The staff sets up the ceremony chairs 2 hours before event time and will break them down at the end of the event.


Food / Catering Questions About Our Jacksonville, Florida Weddings Venue

  1. Can I bring in my own catering?  We actually provide all in house catering.  We have a wonderfully talented kitchen staff and offer brides sample ready-made menus or the ability to create a custom menu of their own.  (See Wedding Wire, The Knot and our Facebook page for rave reviews of our catering
  2. Does the food minimum include the beverage, bartender and/or corkage fees? The food minimum is based on food & beverage. The bartender, surcharge & tax are separate costs.
  3. What if I or someone attending my wedding has food restrictions? We are happy to work with you with regard to any dietary restrictions.  We can accommodate most reasonable dietary needs.
  4. What is the per person cost of food? Brunch / Luncheon menus range from $29 to $37 per person and up. Dinner/Evening menus range from $37 to $60 per person and up based on menu selections.  The listed prices are for Buffet service.  Children: 5 to 11 years old are half price and 0 to 4 are Free.
  5. Are there any additional costs associated with food and beverages? Yes, you will have the per person meal cost, any beverage purchases you select, any per person corkage fees and bartender fee.  There is also a 22% Surcharge and 7.5% Tax on all food and beverages.  The surcharge is not a gratuity.  It is an industry standard cost which covers the daily running of the venue. It is a 22% charge on all goods and services.
  6. If the Surchargeis NOT a Gratuity, how much should I budget for tipping Winterbourne Staff?   Typically our staff receives $75.00 to $100.00 per person.  Your final invoice will provide the detailed number of staff who will be working at your event.  Our staff works between 8 to 10 hours for you on the day of your event.
  7. Does the food minimum include the beverage, bartender and/or corkage fees? No, the food minimum is based on food costs alone.  Beverage, bartender and corkage fees are separate costs.
  8. Do you offer tastings?  We host two Tasting Events per year.  Depending on our event schedule.  At these events we offer a small sample menu to give brides an idea of the quality of our food.  We do not offer any other tastings throughout the year.  We are a special events venue and not a restaurant; therefore, we only cook for events. These events have a per person fee and attendance is limited.
  9. How much does the food minimum cover? The food minimum is the lowest amount you will pay for food based on the day, date and time of day of your event.  This amount is the least you will pay for food whether your guest count is 30 or 130.  This is for food alone and does not include bar, surcharge or taxes.
  10. What is the 22% Surcharge and what does it cover? The Surcharge is an industry standard fee which covers such items as the white linen table cloths, white paper napkins, china, silver, glassware, catering equipment, serving equipment and supplies and our day to day business expenses.




Bar Questions About Our Jacksonville, Florida Weddings Venue

  1. What are the costs associated with having a bar?  (You provide your own alcohol)You must hire a Winterbourne Bartender $175.00 plus tax up to 75 adults, if you have in excess of 75 adults it will be up to the Winterbourne Catering department to determine if you will need to hire a second Winterbourne Bartender; There is also a $7.50 plus 22% surcharge and 7.5% tax – per person charge for all guests over 12 years of age.  Guests 11 and under will have a $4.50 ++ charge.
  2. I only want to serve beer and wine; do I still have to hire the Winterbourne bartender? Yes, if you serve any alcohol you will need to hire a Winterbourne bartender.
  3. Can I have KEG beer served to my guests? Yes, you will need to provide the Tap, Trash Can and Ice to keep the keg cool.  (If you bring bottle or can beer we have coolers and Ice available for you to use)
  4. Can I bring in a frozen drink machine? Yes, you will still need to hire a bartender and pay the associated fees.
  5. Can I bring in my own bartender? You must hire a Winterbourne Bartender $175.00 plus tax up to 75 adults, if you have in excess of 75 adults it will be up to the Winterbourne Catering department to determine if you will need to hire a second Winterbourne Bartender
  6. Not all of my guests will be drinking, why do I have to pay the beverage fee for them? The beverage fee is $7.50 per person when having a bar.  This fee covers all other costs associated with a bar excluding alcohol.  (ie. Juices, mixers, sodas, bar fruit, straws, napkins, ice, coolers, and glassware). Those guests not drinking alcohol will still attend the bar to obtain their non-alcohol related beverages.
  7. Can I have a cash bar? Unfortunately not. We do not provide alcohol.  We do not have a liquor license; therefore, we are unable to sell or appear to sell alcohol. You provide the alcohol and we will serve it for you.
  8. Are Shots allowed? No, for liability purposes we do not offer shots to guests.
  9. How many signature cocktails may we have? We have a limit of 2 specialty cocktails.


Bridal Suite Questions About Our Jacksonville, Florida Weddings Venue

  1. Do you have a Bridal Room where we can get ready before the ceremony? Yes, we do have a Bridal Room that is included to use the day of to get ready in.

Rehearsal Questions About Our Jacksonville, Florida Weddings Venue

  1. With other events at Winterbourne, how can I have my wedding rehearsal? We work with you to arrange a time for your rehearsal that does not interrupt any other events. Rehearsal is typically scheduled 1 month in advance.
  2. Is there a fee to have my rehearsal at Winterbourne Inn? We offer a one hour Rehearsal time to you as a courtesy free of charge.  Rehearsals last one hour or less as long as everyone is on time and ready to go.
  3. Will I be able to have my rehearsal during the evening hours the night before my wedding? We host 3 to 5 events almost every weekend; therefore it is likely we will have an event the evening before your wedding.  We therefore we will advise you in advance of the times available to you. Rehearsal is typically scheduled 1 month in advance.

Decorating Questions About Our Jacksonville, Florida Weddings Venue

  1. How much time will I have to decorate before the event? You are allotted three hours prior to your event start time for decorating, vendor arrival and set up.  Depending on the day and time of your event, you may be able to purchase additional pre-event set up time for $400.00 for a 2 hour block.  Winterbourne staff will review the event schedule and let you know if the event schedule allows for you to purchase this additional time.
  2. Can I bring in my CAKE or KEG or FLOWERS early and have you store them until my event? Unfortunately we do not have the ability to store any of your perishable items therefore we cannot have them dropped off prior to the two hour set up and delivery window
  3. Do you have a small table I can use for my sand ceremony, unity candle etc.? You can borrow one of our tables free of charge.
  4. Can I move the Arch from the Ceremony site? The Arch is permanent and cannot be moved.
  5. Can I use candles in my decorations? Yes, as long as they are in glass.  You may Not use taper candles.
  6. Can I use sparklers, confetti, or balloons? We do not want to catch anything on fire or stain the wood so we recommend bubbles, glow sticks or even ribbons for your exit photo.
  7. Can I hang décor from the walls, mantel, ceiling or windows? You may use existing nails to hang décor.  You MAY NOT tack, tape, staple, glue, nail or attach in any other way to this Historic Venue.




Other Costs / Services

  1. How much time will I have after the event to clean up and vacate? You will have 1 hour after your event end time to clear and remove your personal property after your event.  Our staff is responsible for cleaning and clearing the venue and Winterbourne’s furnishings and inventory.
  2. How much do I owe for cleaning after the event? We do not charge for the “reasonable and expected” cleaning after an event.  Should there be need for excessive cleaning an additional charge will be assessed based on the condition of the venue at that time and a subsequent invoice will be issued.
  3. How much do you charge for cake cutting? We offer this service free of charge as a courtesy.
  4. How much do you charge for toasting? If you are having a bar at your event there is no additional charge.  If you are not having a bar – there is a $3.00 per person (**Plus 22% & 7.5%) toasting fee.  A toast is one glass per guest with no refills.
  5. Do I have to hire a coordinator? Yes, you can hire a license coordinator or hire Winterbourne’s Day of Coordinator. This helps ensure your special day runs smoothly and you and your guest can enjoy your special day.


Miscellaneous Questions

  1. Can I have a dance floor outside on the lawn of the venue? Unfortunately not, we are surrounded by residences and one of the ways we get to continue our business is by being respectful of those residences.
  2. Can my photographer take pictures of me in front of The Club Continental?Your event is at Winterbourne you MAY NOT take photos in front of the venue next door.  Just as we will not allow another bride to take photos at Winterbourne during your event.
  3. What size is your_____________?
  • 60” Round guest tables (10 guests per table)
  • 56” Round Cake Table
  • 36’ Sweetheart Table
  • Mantel is 74” long and 9” deep
  • Ceremony Arch is 7 ½ ft. wide, 9 ft. tall and 4 ft. in depth
  • Ceremony Site: Width 5 ft. across at top of isle, Length 44 ft., Width under arbor 24ft
  • Gift Table is 80” long x 30” deep x 44.5 high;
  • Guestbook/Escort Card Table (Yellow Marble Table on the right side of the fireplace) is 50” x 26”
  • DJ Table is 6 Feet
  • Sand Ceremony Table is 28.5”tall x 18” square
  • Main Dining Room is: 30 x 30
  • Small Dining Room is: 19 x 21
  • Study is: 13 x 13
  • Main Dining Room French Doors are 5 feet wide and the arch at the top is 1 foot tall at the highest point. 7 ft. long.
  1. Do you have a speaker system, microphone, projector, iPod we can use? We do not have any of these items to offer.  If your DJ or music person does not have these items we can provide you with a listing of several vendors to contact for rental of such items.